Air Conditioning Installation And Maintenance in London

Franklyn Air specialises in the maintenance and installation of air conditioning in London. If you are looking for reliable and innovative air conditioning in London, we have the expertise and equipment to provide the system or service you need. Our professional service includes not only the installation of air conditioning and heat pumps but also ongoing maintenance and repairs. Each project we take on is completed with the highest degree of professionalism, tailoring our service to our client’s requirements. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, we have the dedication and know-how to deliver outstanding customer service every time.

No matter what your air conditioning needs are, Franklyn Air has the solution for you. We provide air conditioning to London homes and businesses as well as various other areas of the UK. As well as air conditioning, we also specialise in the installation and maintenance of heat pumps and refrigeration systems, and the service and repair of gas lighting. Whether you have a simple residential air conditioning system or a more extensive system for a commercial building, we will take you through every step of installation and maintenance to ensure your building is at the appropriate temperature all year round.

With Franklyn Air, air condition London has never been easier. Hotels, office blocks, apartments, houses, laboratories, warehouses and retail premises are just some examples of places we have provided our services in recent years. No matter what the weather is doing outside, you can rest assured the interior of your building will be left comfortable as we ensure you get the best from your air conditioning system.


EACH SERVICE WE PROVIDE bringS peace of mind and confidence to all of our customers

Air Conditioning London

Whatever type of Air Conditioning needs you have, Franklynair are sure to provide you with many options.

Our cost-effective air conditioning installation service covers a range of air conditioning units for both residential and commercial clients. We work with our clients throughout the installation process, which includes a free site survey and quotation, design, full installation, one-year free maintenance and seven-year parts and labour warranty. The systems we install include VRF/VRV, wall-Mounted, cassette, chillers, floor-standing, and air source/ground source heat pumps.

Our air conditioning London maintenance service is a crucial part of what we have to offer. This helps to protect your system from preventable damage and ensure longevity. This will minimise the need for emergency call-outs and disruption to business or home life. A poorly maintained air conditioning unit could cause a wealth of issue. If you have a business that requires precise temperature control, you will want to have a reliable air conditioning system. For information on residential and commercial air conditioning in London and the surrounding areas, feel free to contact our friendly and professional team.

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Air Conditioning FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

Yes an appointment will be made for a site survey at a mutually convenient time. During the survey the size and use of the area will be considered in order to best advise on the type of indoor unit that would be most suitable. The potential location for outdoor units will also be discussed as well as the route for pipes/ cables and power.

We cover London and the surrounding areas.

We advise on having air conditioning units maintained twice yearly however this depends on the level of use, in some cases it would be more frequently than this. Most manufacturers require at least one maintenance visit per year to be carried out in order to validate the warranty.

This can be due to the condensate pipe becoming blocked. Air conditioning units pull warm air over a coil which is filled with cold refrigerant in order to cool it. The moisture in the air condenses on the cold coil and the resulting water is called condensate and it drains off into a pipe. Over time this pipe can get blocked if regular maintenance is not carried out.

We can provide lease purchase installations.

This greatly depends on the number of units being installed, this will be discussed during the site survey.

If the equipment is maintained as per the manufacturers guidelines a typical lifespan could be estimated at between 12 and 15 years.

Air conditioning units can provide both heating and cooling, during your site survey your requirements will be discussed so that the correct units are installed to suit your needs.

Running costs are minimal as all systems are inverter driven.

Servicing includes checking the operation of the unit and controller, testing the temperatures achieved and checking that the unit switches between modes. The filters will be cleaned thoroughly along with the coils, drip trays, condensate pipes and supply and extract grills. The efficiency of pumps and the rotation of fans within the units will be checked for correct operation. Condensing (outdoor) unit coils will be cleaned and the operational pressures will be tested to ensure the system is performing correctly.

We offer installations and maintenance contracts for both domestic and commercial. We have experience of working in listed buildings, hotels, restaurants, office buildings, apartments, theatres, hospitals, schools, shops, residential houses and eco friendly houses.


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