Air Conditioning And Employee Productivity

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Ensuring employee productivity is at its best is a goal for many businesses, large or small. Ventilation plays a vital role in the quality of the air in your workplace. This, in turn, enhances employee productivity.

An uncomfortable office temperature can not only cause employees to feel sluggish, unhappy, and demotivated, it may also make them feel unwell. Temperature is not the only factor here, as high CO2 levels can reduce cognitive function and high humidity in the workplace can hinder focus.

Poor Ventilation

With the current Covid-19 pandemic still very much a focus, poor workplace ventilation is a prominent issue. Sealed buildings trap virus particles, and part of the COVID-19 safeguarding advice for workplaces is to add more ventilation to reduce virus particles.

Even without the current pandemic situation, insufficient ventilation in the workplace can considerably reduce staff productivity and motivation. If staff members feel uncomfortable at work, they will inevitably not perform to their usual standard. Energy levels will drop, as will work output.

The Benefits Of Good Ventilation

A recent study has shown that there is a direct link between adequate ventilation and improved cognitive function. It also shows that good quality airflow enhances decision-making, planning and motivation. Better air means better output. On top of this, the staff are more comfortable in a well-ventilated environment. This means they are happier and more focussed. An uncomfortable work area is off-putting for most people.

Improving Ventilation

It does not have to cost the earth to enhance the ventilation in your office. While renovating and adding fixtures can be pricey, merely improving the air and ventilation in your office can be done at an affordable price. It will be an investment that pays for itself over time, with happier and healthier employees. Employee productivity will be enhanced, while viruses and germs will be reduced.

Consult an air conditioning specialist, such as Franklyn Air, to discuss your office ventilation. You can develop the best plan of action to ensure your work environment is well ventilated and as productive as possible.

Each building will have slightly different requirements, and many factors will determine the best way to maximise ventilation. An air conditioning specialist will be able to talk through this with you.

For more information on the air conditioning services Franklyn Air provide, contact us on 0207 8398036.

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