Air Conditioning For You Penthouse Loft Conversion

loft air conditioning

London Penthouse loft conversions are not only a fantastic way to gain extra space, but they also add value to your home as an appealing addition. It makes sense then that this should be treated as an important feature and therefore be fitted with adequate air conditioning.

Research has shown that in London, the areas with the biggest rise in penthouse loft conversions are the ones with the lowest number of homes but the highest property value. The areas with the least number of penthouse loft conversions are, in contrast, those with the most homes but lowest property value. This shows the extra value involved when adding a conversion, and with many homes making this addition for intended living space you will need to ensure it is well air-conditioned.

Not only is it key to keep the temperature in these rooms at a comfortable level, but it is also important to make sure space is correctly ventilated. Loft spaces have a tendency to heat up quickly so sufficient ventilation is required to provide fresh air as well as prevent moisture build-up and damp. Getting the right air conditioning system installed for your penthouse loft conversion will help to keep the space a pleasant one as well as keep the energy costs from soaring high. In a conversion space such at l=this, wall=mounted AC units are usually the best option. You can choose from a large range of styles, size and colours to make sure it blends in with the style of your room.

Installation is fast and cost-effective with Franklyn Air. Call our London Air Conditioning experts team for more information on how we can get the ideal air conditioning system fitted for your penthouse loft conversion.

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