Air Conditioning – How Does it Work?

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What is air conditioning?

Air conditioning is a process that creates and regulates the ideal comfortable and healthy temperature for a setting. It is used in homes, offices and buildings of varying sizes across the world. People often assume that air conditioning is only used in the summer. This is not the case. Air conditioning is used all year round and helps to ensure clean air is circulated. This helps with sleep, mood, comfort, and productivity.

How does the air conditioning process work?

Air conditioning takes the warm air from a building and pushes it outside while cool air is released. This reduces the temperature and makes the environment more comfortable. The liquid becomes gas, and it absorbs heat.

The coolant liquid is pumped through coils to cool the air down. The three components essential to this process are:

  • Air conditioning evaporator
  • Air conditioning compressor
  • Air conditioning condenser

Air Conditioning Health Benefits

The process of air conditioning removes allergens and particles from the air. This includes dust and pollen. The circulating air is, therefore, healthier for all in the environment. Air conditioning also takes moisture from the air and thus reduces humidity.

A cooler setting is a healthier setting. Heatstroke, dehydration and exhaustion can result from warm and humid air. Hot air will make sleeping difficult and uncomfortable. This will affect your mood and energy levels. Clean, cool air reduces the risk of asthma attacks and allergy flare-ups.

Other Benefits of Air Conditioning

Security – You will not need to leave windows and doors open when you are using air conditioning. This means your property is more secure.

Insects – With no way in, you will find insects and bugs less of a problem when using air conditioning. Air conditioning filters also help to prevent pet fleas.

Quiet – With the windows and doors of your property closed, you will not have to tolerate outside noise. Traffic and passers-by can cause noise and disruption when you least expect it! Air conditioning allows you to shut that out.

Fresh feel and smell – The air in your setting will feel and smell fresh. Heat can cause musty odours and generally feel uncomfortable.

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