Air Conditioning in Restaurants

restaurant air conditioning

When it comes to eating out, not only does the food have a big impact on whether customers will return but the atmosphere does too. Creating the right ambience will allow diners to eat in comfort and want to come back time and time again.

Getting the air conditioning right is as important as choosing the furniture, décor and even the menu. Air conditioning needs to be running efficiently and effectively, reducing the impact on the restaurant’s finances.

Choosing the right air conditioning

It’s very likely that a restaurant will need to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter, that’s why heat pump air conditioners are very popular in the restaurant trade, as they provide hot and cold air in a cost-effective way. Essentially the air conditioning must not interfere with the look or décor of the restaurant. Consider ceiling cassette mounted, wall or floor mounted units as a way to incorporate air conditioning into a restaurant. Cold and hot spots can occur with just one high-powered unit, which can be very uncomfortable. In the interest of diners and staff, a number of low-powered air conditioning units evenly spaced out are advised.

Responsive air conditioning

An important aspect of air conditioning is the fact that it can respond to temperature changes inside a restaurant. As we all know, you can have various temperature changes outside but what about the inside? The number of diners in a restaurant at any one time can change throughout the day and night, causing the restaurant to feel hot and cold at different times of the day. With a DC inverter control, this offers a great responsive temperature control system to maintain and regulate the desired atmosphere.

Overall, air conditioning is a must to any conscientious restaurateur. If you are considering air conditioning in your restaurant or would like to know more, then please get in touch on 020 7839 5475 or email:

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