Air Conditioning Making Odd Sounds? – How to Determine the Cause


Noisy air conditioning quickly becomes irritating. If your air-con is suddenly making strange sounds, it is only natural to wonder what is causing it. Sometimes a minor fault that is easily fixed is the culprit, but other times, the noises could indicate a more serious fault. How can you determine the cause and ensure the issue is nipped in the bud? Read on to find out.

Air Conditioning Noises


Whistling sounds coming from your air conditioning system are likely related to an airflow problem. Contact an air conditioning specialist, such as Franklyn Air, to have your ventilation assessed.

Possible issues that cause whistling include:

Incorrect or damaged ducts – An air conditioning system with replacement parts may have been fitted with the wrong ductwork, which will affect the ventilation. Old or damaged ductwork will also be problematic.

Clogged Filters – Full and clogged filters will reduce the airflow.

Louder than normal

Air conditioning systems that are much louder than you expected or wanted can be very disrupting. If you have a cheap, basic system or a system that is too big for your setting, the sound may be too loud. Try to ensure your air conditioning unit is placed in the room nearest the most noise (traffic facing, for example), so it does not affect your quieter space. You can also contact an air conditioning specialist to see if a smaller unit is more suited.

Rattling and Shaking

Rattling and shaking sounds indicate an issue. Possibilities include stabilisation problems, worn-out fan motor/blades, loose ducts, and small objects in the ventilation. These things can be fixed but require an AC specialist to ensure it is done correctly and safely.

Squealing and Squeaking

Sometimes an air conditioning system may squeal or squeak. Several things could cause this:

Blower belt – If the blower belt is broken, it may need replacing. Regular air-con maintenance checks should catch this issue and stop it from causing further problems.

Motor shaft bearings – If the motor has parts that require oiling, it can cause squeaking sounds. Again, regular unit maintenance will take care of this and prevent issues from developing.

The key things to take away from this are that regular maintenance of your air conditioning system can prevent costly repairs and annoying issues from arising.

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