Air Conditioning – Myths and Misconceptions

Close of air conditioning remote

Air conditioning is more popular than ever, with most businesses and many homes using it all year round. However, there are some common myths about air conditioning. Here, we look at these misconceptions and set the record straight.


Myth: Sleeping with the air-con on is not healthy

Truth: Although there is some truth in this, air-con at night is not a bad thing. When used correctly, air conditioning while you sleep is healthy and comfortable. You should increase the temperature slightly at night, as having it on too low could cause issues.


Myth: Air-con can cause colds

Truth: Air conditioning improves indoor air quality, therefore reducing the chances of occupants becoming poorly. Air-con filters are designed to capture irritants, allergens and pollutants. This includes pet dander, dust and harmful bacteria. Air-con will help reduce humidity, which reduces the risk of dangerous mould in the property.


Myth: It doesn’t matter where the indoor unit is.

Truth: The location of your internal air-con unit is essential. If in direct sunlight, too high up or too low, or in an area with obstructions, the functionality may be reduced. This will cause a hike in energy bills as your air-con will need to work harder.  It could also lead to faults and repairs.


Myth: You can save energy by turning the air-con off when you are out or closing vents.

Truth: If you are out all day or for days at a time, then this may be true. But, if you are only out for a few hours, it is better to leave the air-con running. This smooth-running means less energy consumption overall. Closed vents do not reduce the performance of the air-con system.


Myth: Bigger air-con units are better.

Truth: If you use an unnecessarily big unit for its space, you will use more energy than needed. Consult an air conditioning specialist, such as Franklyn Air, for advice on the right air-con for your space.


Myth: Air conditioning is unsafe for children

Truth: Air conditioning has been proven to be just as safe and beneficial for children as it is for adults. It is an excellent way of controlling the temperature in a setting to ensure infants are not too hot or cold, which helps with sleep, dehydration and general comfort.


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