Air Conditioning Myths

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Air conditioning has been around for decades and is a normal part of most commercial and many residential settings. However, there remain some air conditioning myths that are not true.

So, let’s look at the five popular misconceptions about air conditioning and determine the facts from the fiction.

Bigger is better

It is wrongly believed that a bigger air conditioning unit is better. It is actually more important to ensure you get the correct sized unit to suit your property. Investing in the biggest air conditioning unit you can find is no good for a small office, for example. If your unit is the wrong size for its setting, it will not work as effectively or last as long.

Closing vents

Many people think you should close the vents in the rooms you are not using. This is not true. These vents should remain open regardless of whether or not the room is being used. Closing vents throws off the air distribution balance.

Air conditioning just cools the air

Of course, cooling the air in your home is the biggest advantage of air conditioning. But there is more to air conditioning than this. Having your unit set to a comfortable temperature is one benefit, but your unit will also remove humidity and dry air, leaving your environment healthier.

It doesn’t matter where the thermostat is placed

The placement of your thermostat can affect the energy efficiency of your property. While it needs to be convenient, it also needs to be on an interior wall and away from drafts, direct sunlight and doorways. You should also not have items of furniture placed in front of or below your thermostat.

Setting the thermostat low

If you set your thermostat low, it will cool your building quicker, right? Wrong! Your air-con works just as hard on a lower setting. You should always set your thermostat to the best setting for your building.

So, there you have it. Hopefully, this myth-busting has helped you gain a clearer picture of the benefits and the functions of air conditioning. If you are looking to learn more about the function and benefits of air conditioning for your home, consult an air conditioning specialist such as Franklyn Air.

Contact our professional team today to find out more about the air conditioning services we offer at Franklyn Air on 0208 78395475.



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