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If you are looking to have an air conditioning unit installed in your property, you will need to adhere to the UK’s air conditioning noise regulations. A noisy air conditioning system is not only annoying for you, but it could also impact your neighbours or customers.
A professional air conditioning specialist, such as Franklyn Air, can advise you in the best system to suit your home or business. We will ensure your unit is installed quickly and professionally and that it will not be noisy.

Fan Coil Unit
The fan coil unit is the visual piece that will be in your chosen room. It will be high up, usually on the wall or integrated with the décor. The fan coil unit works on a low fan speed, so it is almost entirely silent. It will work between 19 and 29 decibels, depending on the unit you have installed. These units are described as ‘whisper quiet’ so will certainly not cause a disturbance. This means the system can be left on overnight as it will not disrupt sleep.

Condenser Unit
The condenser unit is the part of the air conditioning system that is not visible. This unit is slightly noisier than the fan coil unit, although still reasonably quiet. It works between 39 and 45 decibels, depending on the unit you have installed.

Unit Placement
Your air conditioning unit can be hidden in cupboards, boiler rooms or utility space. Investing in a bespoke air condition system such as the ones we offer at Franklyn Air, allows you to find the system that best suits your building. Your unit can be placed in the area that buffers sound most sufficiently, ensuring you are not left with a noisy air conditioning system.

It is possible to sound-proof your condenser unit if you are sensitive to noise. As the condenser does not need to ‘breathe’, additional insulation can be used. This extra layer will muffle the unit’s sound, so anyone that is particularly sound-sensitive need not worry.

It is important to understand the sound aspects of air conditioning units before deciding which system you are going to have installed.

For further information on the air conditioning services Franklyn Air provide, contact our team on 0207 8398036

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