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air conditioning units

The amount of Air Conditioning Units in London is very low compared to other countries. London’s weather is very temperamental. When its hot, it’s very hot, but this is not for long. Many companies just cope, and staff have to put up with the heat.

Demand for air conditioning has never really been prevalent in Europe, until now. Summer heatwaves and stifling intense temperatures are no longer a one-off fascination, rather they are the norm.

In 2019, there has been another record-breaking July in France, the Netherlands and south eastern England. Paris saw 42c (107F) and the Netherlands recorded an all-time high of 41.7c (106F) and some have even died in these conditions as the humidity levels – particularly in Britain – are very high too.

It is this high level of humidity associated with the heat that is driving demand for air conditioning units in London and southern England, in particular.

Moreover, Europeans are beginning to behave more like the American take on the installation of AC. People in the United States have always wondered how Europeans get by those hot summers without it. In truth, it did not appear to be a problem. But every summer seems to produce long spells of heat and air conditioning units in London and beyond are suddenly in huge demand.

Electric fans often sell out quickly as soon as the heatwave kicks in. However, many find that when an intense heatwave strikes, the fan simply moves hot air around. To actually reduce the temperature in a room and make it feel more pleasant and bearable, one needs to install air conditioning.

Sleep, Health and Keeping Cool

Sleep is important. But try getting eight hours of perfect slumber when the temperature in the bedroom will not drop below 31c (88F). The population tends to be ageing and birth rates are steadily declining. This demographic has also added to the need for the older generation to feel more comfortable in their homes.

In France, the summer heatwave of 2003 claimed 14,800 (mostly elderly) lives in homes where no air conditioning was fitted. It seems hot summers like this could become the norm in the next 10 or 20 years, and this European plume of hot air always seems to drift up to London and the South-East.

You can see why there is a great deal of interest in air conditioning units in London and many of the cities in the southern half of the UK.

Inverter technology is also helping to make AC units a little more energy efficient. Technology is (thankfully) keeping up with the demands of climate change regulation. This means we can keep our cool without impacting on the planet.

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