Allergies and how Air Conditioning can help

Lady sneezing

Allergies can range from infrequent sneezing to something more debilitating, causing much suffering in many households, but air conditioning can help and be a key home essential with people suffering from allergies.

How does it help?

Generally, allergies can come under two different categories, one being seasonal and the other year-long. Common causes of an allergic reaction may be from pollen, dust, animal dander, mold and dust mites. This is where air conditioning can play a part in relieving some of the symptoms that come with allergies. Small particles in the air pass through the air conditioning unit, trapping them inside the filter, which in turn improves air quality around the home and provides much relief for people suffering from certain airborne

allergies. As long as the air conditioning unit is looked after, filters are cleaned and regular servicing is maintained, the unit is able to do its job and keep certain allergens from circulating the home.

Efficient air conditioning

The air conditioning unit will become inefficient and air quality will be reduced if regular services are not carried out. With regular services air filters are cleaned so that it can continue to collect particles which may be harmful to anyone suffering from airborne allergies. Exterior dust around the air conditioning unit can block up filters. By cleaning this regularly you help the filter stay cleaner for longer.  Running air condition with open windows and doors will put an added strain on your filter too. Try to keep them closed when air conditioning is in use.

Having air conditioning and providing regular maintenance for the unit is one of the key factors in reducing symptoms for any allergy sufferers. If you have any air conditioning enquiries, maintenance requirements or looking to have air conditioning installed then please get in touch with us here at Franklyn Air.

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