Can indoor air quality be tested?

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Air quality must be monitored and kept at an expectable level for all staff, clients and visitors.  If poor air quality is detected this can lead to a number of concerns such as stale air, humidity, the spread of mould and damp and even health issues.

Business owners who have concerns regarding the environment that their employees are working in should first consider the following:


Experts wouldn’t recommend testing

Testing for poor air at a place of work can be very difficult. This is due to the fact that the tests can be complex and will not provide general results. The test will be aimed at more specific contamination problems, which can be valuable in itself at times. There is no official single test that has been put in place for evaluating indoor air quality.



A number of tests can be performed but not all problems can be detected. Damp can exist without the presence of mould and this is very likely to be caused by little or no ventilation. HVAC systems that have not been correctly installed or need maintenance may also be the cause of this.


Inconclusive results

We know that people react differently to certain contaminants, some of us are more sensitive to air quality than others, leading to inconsistent results. Also, the safety levels of what is healthy and unhealthy haven’t been outlined, meaning there are no official standard level guidelines, which makes the test results very difficult to act upon.


How can indoor air quality be improved?

An inspection would be advised, to detect and eliminate any air quality problems at the premises. Check for damp areas, inside and out, chemical storage, areas that have an intense odour and have your HVAC inspected and maintained by a qualified professional. An inadequately installed and maintained HVAC system can contribute to very poor indoor air quality and could be affecting your staff’s performance.

Do you have concerns regarding your indoor air quality? If so, please feel free to talk to us here at Franklyn Air on 020 7839 5475.

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