Commercial Air Conditioning and Residential Air Conditioning – What is the Difference?

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Air conditioning requirements will vary depending on the type and size of the building. Commercial and residential air conditioning will be different. Here we look at the differences and the core functions.

Commercial Air Conditioning

You will usually have a combination of heating and cooling units installed on the roof for commercial air conditioning. This ensures there is no excess sound from the unit, causing disruption and distraction in the building. This will also take up minimal space inside the building, which is a benefit for any workspace.

A commercial building is going to be larger than a residential one. The average UK home is roughly 2,800 ft 2, whereas the average commercial space is approximately 18.000 ft 2. It makes sense that a larger building will require more power to control the temperature. Commercial air conditioning is designed to be more powerful to control the temperature efficiently. A commercial building will generally have many more occupants than a residential building. Staff, visitors, customers, and clients attending meetings may be coming and going frequently in a commercial space. This means the air condition unit’s power consumption will be considerably higher than that of a residential building that may only have a few family members as occupants.

Residential Air Conditioning

Residential air conditioning units are usually central and connected in the property via the condenser, operator, and various ducts. The location of these throughout the building will vary to make sure that maximum airflow is achieved. The power required to sufficiently run a residential air conditioning system in a residential property is relatively low.

A residential air conditioning system can be integrated into your home subtly, and the unit does not have to be on display. It is not only a fantastic addition to your home in the summer months but all year round. Temperature control has many health benefits and can also boost productivity. Many people work from home now, and a clean, fresh, and healthy work environment is essential.

Whether you are looking to install commercial or residential air conditioning, you will need to talk to a professional air conditioning specialist, such as Franklyn air, to establish precisely what your building requires. Many factors will affect this, including the size and style of your building and the location and number of occupants.


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