Gas Lighting

Franklynair Ltd is a specialist in the installation and maintenance of all types of gas lighting.
All of our engineers are fully trained in this area and compliant with gas safe legislation.
We work in close association with Sugg Lighting who are the leading manufacturer in their field carrying out new installations, servicing and maintenance within London and nationwide.

Types of gas lighting:

  • Flambeaux
  • Amenity Lighting
  • Brackets
  • Columns
  • Fire pits
  • Gas patio heaters


Sugg Lighting have been manufacturing fittings since 1837.

They have extensive experience in the manufacture of copper and bronze fittings ensuring that refurbishments can be carried out without compromise.
Castings, columns and overthrows can also be replicated where new patterns are required, this coupled with modern production techniques ensure that reproductions can be completed to the highest of standards.
Sugg Lighting are able to repair shot, bead and garnet blast columns and castings and re-bronze to the original patina ensuring the fittings are returned fit for another century of service.

Lighting Technology

In 2003 the introduction of the new BS5489 lighting standards brought with it the need to provide effective lighting with reduced lighting levels utilising whiter light sources in order to reduce power requirements. Part night dimming and part night operations were also introduced to reduce wasted energy.
Sugg Lighting now provide new LED solutions with greatly reduced power consumptions while not compromising the design objectives, visual appearance or public safety.

gas light thames
fire torch side of building
gas light four
gas light harbour
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