Gyms need good air conditioning

gym air conditioning

If you attend any gym or fitness centre you’ll understand that having lots of hot sweaty people all in one room can be unpleasant if there’s little or no air con.

Gyms are much more welcoming to new and existing customers when good air conditioning has been put in place. Cool air circulating will provide customers with the peace of mind that their needs are being taken care of.

Improves climate

Dehydration and poor airflow can affect paying customers at the gym. Good air conditioning will provide cool air, even on the hottest of days and also the quality of air. Happy gym-goers will return for more sessions if they know the room is at a perfectly steady temperature.

Humidity reduced

Too many sweaty bodies in one place can create a humid atmosphere. Modern air conditioning systems can extract moisture from the air, making it a pleasant area to work out in.

Welcoming atmosphere

People working out in limited space or small areas can create stale air. Good air con will take stale air away and provide a welcoming area for customers to enjoy spending time in. Unpleasant stale smells can put off potential gym goers but upgrading to a good air conditioning system can change this.

Saves money

Gyms and fitness centres can save money through efficient air conditioning, as air conditioning can be controlled easier than traditional gas central heating. With improved air quality, existing members will keep coming back to the gym and new customers will want to sign up straight away!

If you’re thinking of having air condition installed or would like to know more, then please give us a call on 020 7839 5475 or email:

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