Air Source Heat Pumps

Ministers are focusing on heat pumps as a key way to achieve the UK’s goal of ‘net zero’ carbon emissions by 2050.


If you are concerned about the environment then switching to an air source heat pump will lower your carbon emissions and could lower your fuel bills too.


Heat pumps are an effective and energy efficient way to produce hot water and heat your home.

reduce c02 emmision
air source heat pump diagram

How do air pumps work?

A compressor is situated outside your home that absorbs heat from the air into a fluid called refrigerant.


As the refrigerant circulates inside the heat pump it is compressed which increases the temperature. This provides the heating and hot water in your home. The compressor is fully operational to -15 degrees Celsius so provides heating and hot water all year round. The compressor thereby replaces the gas boiler.


The only electricity used by the heat pump is to run the compressor and the circulation pump which allows it to transfer more heat into your home than it takes to run which makes it more efficient than a gas boiler.

Government Grant Heat Pump Scheme

The Government has pledged that all home owners in England and Wales will be offered £5,000 grants to replace their old gas boilers with more energy efficient heat pumps. The scheme will go live in April 2022 lasting three years.


Franklynair has extensive experience in the design and installation of air source heat pumps for residential and commercial applications.


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All of our engineers are fully qualified and adhere to the highest standards as set by the governing bodies.

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