Indoor air quality is important to our health too

waking up with air conditioning

We know that air pollution outdoors can cause many health issues, but what about indoors? Thinking that you’re safer indoors and away from exhaust fumes and other air pollutants, we naturally assume that air quality will be better once we close the door to the outside world.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) was noted as saying “Air pollution from both outdoor and indoor sources represents the single largest environmental risk to health globally, and causes seven million deaths a year, worldwide.”

This provokes the thought process for better quality air indoors, as well as outdoors, so that we can live healthy, happy lives.


Impact on the body

Exposure to poor air quality can have an effect on the body, with nausea, sore eyes, headaches and dizzy spells. Over time, some people may even find that this can lead to more serious problems, such as asthma and reduced lung function. It’s even been reported that poor air quality contributes to low birth weight in babies and can subsequently lead to a shortened life expectancy.

Type 2 diabetes and risk of dementia affecting the elderly has also been associated with poor air quality, as growing evidence emerges.


Impact on the mind

We are hearing more and more every day, that our minds are just as important as our bodies. With much media focusing on our mental well-being, we know that looking after our minds is key to a healthy body. Studies have revealed people suffering from bipolar and depression could be linked to being exposed to air pollution.

The environment that we work, relax and play in is vital to our mental and physical health. If we can do something to improve that, we can make changes for the future. If you’re thinking of improving the air quality at your home, business or property, then please give Franklyn Air a call on 020 7839 5475.

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