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There are many benefits to internal air conditioning, and not just in the warmer months. The benefits do not stop at cooler air; many health and comfort factors also come into it. Internal air conditioning is a fantastic investment all year round. Here you will find all you need to know about internal air conditioning and how it works.

So, What Is Internal Air Conditioning? – Internal air conditioning works much the same as conventional air conditioning systems, the difference being that they are kept entirely inside the building. The condensers are compact and discreet, making them the perfect choice for buildings of all sizes and requirements.

Installation – Installing internal air conditioning is quick and easy. Most installations will be completed within a day. Your technician will provide fast and hassle-free installation, leaving the area tidy once completed.

Maintenance – Using a professional air conditioning supplier such as Franklyn Air means you will not have the constant worry of upkeep. We will advise you on the best maintenance programme and arrange our team to visit your system when required. So, once you have had your internal air conditioning system installed, you need not do anything else!

Health – Comfort, health and lifestyle can be impacted by the condition of the air you are in. Good quality air in your building will have many health benefits. Air space that is too warm and humid can increase bacteria and pollutions. It can also make it harder to sleep. Losing sleep through tossing and turning to achieve comfort can be very detrimental to your health. Sleep is an essential part of staying healthy and not getting the correct amount and quality of sleep can have drawbacks on your mental health. Fresh, clean air can make for good quality sleep, improving mental health, energy levels and productivity during the day.

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