Looking After Your Air Conditioning, And The Things You Should Never Do

leaking air conditioner

Your air conditioning system controls the temperature inside your building, and for the most part, it will take care of itself. However, if the property owner does something to their air conditioning system that they should not, there could be problems to follow. Franklyn Air strongly advise property owners to consult a professional air conditioning specialist, such as us, when looking to repair or change anything related to their air conditioning.

There are some things that a responsible property owner should do with regards to general air condition maintenance. These include cleaning air vents and changing filters. However, there are three key things that you should not do, and these are what we are focussing on here. This should demonstrate the importance of consulting an air conditioning specialist when looking to get the most from your air conditioning system.


Choosing Google Over The Experts

The internet is a fantastic tool, and while many DIY tricks can be found, this rarely applies to something as complicated as air conditioning. By cutting corners and attempting a DIY job on your AC system, you are jeopardising its health and longevity. Unless you are simply replacing a filter, this area of the unit is best only tampered with by a specialist.


Patching A Leak

The main signs that your unit is suffering from a refrigerant leak will be a bubbling or hissing sound. There may be videos or tips out there to walk you through patching up such leaks, but these should be avoided. Refrigerant can be harmful to inhale. It can also cause harm to your skin, mouth, nose, and eyes. For this reason, you should always consult an AC professional to identify and patch these leaks. Quick fixes such as duct tape will cause more harm than good.


Opening The Air Conditioner

It may be tempting to fix a problem that appears straight forward. However, the moment you open your air conditioning system and begin moving parts, you could be causing dangerous complications. By opening your AC, you may void its warranty. You will also be coming into contact with a wealth of delicate and intricate parts. Damage caused this way will lead to expensive repairs.

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