Servicing Your Air Conditioner – How Frequent Should It Be?

air conditioning vent being changed

Are you a first-time air conditioner owner and aren’t aware of taking good care of it? Do you want to ensure that you don’t face any issues with your air conditioner in the long run? If yes, then servicing your air conditioner will be the best thing you can do. Mentioned below are all the details on servicing your air conditioner and how often you should opt for a service.

Importance of Servicing Your Air Conditioner

You might be wondering that if your air conditioner is working fine, where is there a need for an air conditioner service?

When you service your air conditioner on time, it will help facilitate the proper functioning of your air conditioning system. If you want to extend your air conditioner life, then with regular servicing, you will preserve efficiency and keep your electricity bills low. Moreover, air conditioner servicing won’t even require additional energy use.

How Often Should You Schedule Air Conditioner Service?

Most air conditioner experts recommend that you opt for an air conditioner service at least once a year. However, this recommendation can change depending on where you live and your air conditioner usage.

When scheduling an air conditioner service, make sure that you get all the filters cleaned ducts to get low energy bills and save money. Also, it would be best to prepare your air conditioner before the summer season begins, so you don’t have to rush around during the hot weather.

What Does an Air Conditioner Service Include?

An air conditioner service should include the following things:

  • Check the blower
  • Check the motor
  • Ensure proper electrical connection and supply
  • Check if the conditioner is cooling the room properly
  • Check the coils
  • Clean out the air filter and air ducts
  • See if the compressor is fine
  • See if the drainage pipe is clean or not
  • Inspect parts for wear and tear
  • Inspect the ductwork with detail

Moreover, other than the points mentioned, you can also ask your air conditioner service team to check if there are other issues or not. If the air conditioner service team misses out on any of the points, then remind them to check the remaining parts of the air conditioner.

Do You Need an Air Conditioner Service?

We all know that summers can be quite hot, so isn’t it better if you prepare your home as a cool retreat after work? If your air conditioner hasn’t been serviced for a while and you are looking for options, then you should consider us at Franklyn Air. We offer the best and high-quality air conditioner services in London and have managed to gain many clients’ trusts. For more details contact us at 020 7839 5475.

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