Ways to boost office air quality

air conditioning ceiling unit

It’s been reported that poor air quality in a working environment can have an effect on staff and productivity. Workers may find that the air in the office feels stuffy and stagnant, causing reason to go outside for small errands or a cigarette break. These out of office moments accumulate over time and can have an effect on the everyday running of a busy office. Quality airflow and good ventilation can also help with the health of staff members, providing possible protection against illness and contaminated air.

Air quality problems can occur with air conditioning that’s not been checked or serviced for a while. There are valuable tips and simple checks anyone can carry out to enable staff to have a good working environment. We have listed several helpful pointers, so your air conditioning has the ability to work and perform the way it should do.

Open vents

Staff may sometimes shut off vents and registers if they feel too hot or too cold. These actions will affect the overall performance of the air conditioning and the way the air flows through the system. Ensure all vents and registers are open and free from any obstruction.

Filter changes

Clogged up filters cause the air conditioning unit to work harder and also prevents quality air from being circulated. Dirty filters will allow dust and debris to infiltrate the system, producing low-quality stuffy air in and around the office. Changing filters regularly (in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions) will help immensely in the performance of your air conditioning unit and may prevent frequent breakdowns.

Debris removed

Leaves and debris can block the air conditioning unit. This may be located outside, so check for anything obstructing airflow or covering the unit.

Check the ducts

Air conditioning ducts may be accessible for a maintenance person to check for dust, cracks or holes. If accessibility isn’t possible then you may need to call a HVAC professional in.

Clean coils

If the condenser coil is dirty then it can’t do its job, which is to remove warm air from the building. This is part of the outdoor unit. If left unchecked will cause your unit to work harder, leading to possible system failure.

Fan checks

Fan motors will run poorly if dust and grime cover them. A simple clean will allow air quality to improve again.

Professional checks, maintenance and service

There are several other checks that we would advise a professional take care of, such as refrigerant levels, faulty thermostats, building management systems, unit size issues and system design and layout problems. If you need our services for any of the above or would like helpful friendly advice, then please get in touch

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