What type of air-conditioning do I need?

Various air con systems

Franklynair Ltd will tailor your air conditioning system to meet your needs; air conditioning can provide heating, cooling and precise temperature control. It can work in conjunction with additional heating, cooling, ventilation and heat recovery systems if required.

We install all of the leading manufacturer’s systems.

VRF/VRV – Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) or Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) air conditioning systems are an extremely energy-efficient means of precisely regulating the temperature within commercial buildings. With this system, the user can individually control all the indoor units, unlike the central air conditioning system. The outdoor unit also has different modules to operate at the required capacity. Meanwhile, the compressor can also be operated at various speed levels. The rate at which the VRF or VRV air conditioning system works will largely depend on the cooling requirement as influenced by the outside atmosphere. This is why this unit is considered to be extremely energy efficient.

Wall-Mounted – Wall mounted air conditioning is arguably the most popular type of air conditioning. This is in part due to the affordability and unobtrusiveness of the units. The air con units can be mounted almost anywhere and sit high up in the room so will blend into the background in most settings.

Cassette – Commonplace in offices with suspended ceilings. Ceiling mounted or ceiling suspended cassette-type air conditioners are designed to provide a higher-kW rated cooling solution than wall mounted air conditioning units. Cassette air conditioning units are designed for both commercial and residential applications. Ideal for large open plan areas, they fit conveniently and discreetly into any area with a false or suspended ceiling.

Chillers – When a building reaches a certain size it becomes cost-effective to use a centralised system. Chillers can be found in hotels, restaurants large-scale construction, industrial and manufacturing plants. Centralised systems use “chillers” which are basically giant A/C units, but they work slightly differently because of their size and can be typically located in the basement or on the roof.

Air source / ground source heat pumps – An air source pump is an alternative way to heat or cool your home. It will enable you to generate your own renewable heat and potentially save money on your energy bills. Air source heat pumps.

If you would like to know more about the services we provide or have questions about your current air conditioning then please give Franklynair Ltd a call on 020 7839 5475

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